Youth Fair Fundraiser

Youth Fair Fundraiser

Raise money this summer for ANY youth group trip by working at the Oconto County Fair coming to Gillett August 18-21! There are two great options: Lion’s Club and Parking and you can work either one or both! Sign up for as many shifts as you can commit to doing. While a lot of shifts are open right now, they will be filling in from other groups soon, so sign up as soon as possible.

Youth Convention

While the money you raise can be used for any youth group trip, most teens raise money for Youth Convention, which is our fall trip to La Crosse, October 29-31. At Youth Convention, we stay in a hotel together (with a pool!), go out to eat, and attend a conference with about 2,000 teens from all over Wisconsin so we can grow closer to God through great speakers and worship teams.

You will need about 4-5 shifts to pay for the whole trip (excluding meals). Any extra work you do can be given to you as food money. If you don’t work enough to pay for the whole trip, you will still get a discount based on how much you worked. (Because travel costs have changed so much, we do not know what the total cost will be for Youth Convention yet.)

Lion’s Club

The Lion’s Club sells food. You will take orders and money, give change, and serve the food. A parent/adult is needed for each shift— there are a few teens working at the same time together. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to sign in for your shift.

You may need to install the Google Sheets app to access the sign up.


The Fair has three entrances where people buy parking passes.  You will collect money, give change, and give passes.  Go to the Fair Office 10 minutes early to sign in. Mike will take you to your entrance. Bring something to do for when it’s not busy.  Also, bring a couple water bottles!

You may need to install the Google Sheets app to access the sign up.


When you arrive, you need to sign in.  Write Hillside before your name (example: Hillside John Smith).  Also remember to sign out before you leave or you won’t get paid!