Pastor’s Pen

Pastor’s Pen  – The Door To Victory                                   by:  Rev. Jonathan Carlson

So many people struggle with feeling down, anxious, or lonely. Others feel beat down by temptations and spiritual attack or bondage. Some wonder what their purpose is, and if there even is a greater purpose for life.

The Bible uses “doors” as word pictures for opportunities to make a decision: to walk through the doorway to the new things God wants to do in you, or to just stay where you are.

This fall, we are beginning a new Life Group Bible study called “Time to Dream: Open Doors to Your Future”, and it’s focused on helping us discover a deeper relationship with Him, a life of mission and purpose, authentic fellowship, and a lifestyle of discipleship and worship.

Jesus says in Revelation 3:7, “When I open a door, no one can close it. And when I close a door, no one can open it.”

Your life situation may be unique, and yet, there are six important doors God wants all of us to walk through, and that will be our focus in this series, starting in October. Start praying about joining or even hosting a Life Group this fall, meeting once a month in homes to help us all encourage each other to take steps of faith through the doors God has put before us.

One of those doors is described in Psalm 22:3: “Yet you are holy, enthroned on the praises of Israel.”

The word “enthroned” is the Hebrew word י֝וֹשֵׁ֗ב (yoseb) meaning “sit, remain sitting, dwell, be inhabited, or marry.” It’s amazing that praising God opens a door to His presence with us. He sits with us, dwells with us, is close to us in a tight bond like newlyweds.

The answer to when you’re feeling down, discouraged, anxious, lonely, attacked, beat down, tempted, etc. is to praise and worship God! Yes, God is omnipresent, meaning He is everywhere at once, but when we create an environment of praise in our home, car, family, and lives, we step off the throne of our life and let Jesus sit there once again. God doesn’t just stop by for a quick visit when we praise Him. He moves in with us! He goes with us—He leads us and delivers us from all the attacks and bondage of the enemy.

Will you open the door to praise? Have you had enough of sitting on the throne of your life yet? Start praising God for His goodness in your life, even if you “don’t feel like it”, and see how your life changes by inviting His presence and leadership into it. He is waiting at the door of praise to come in and dwell where you are right now!