Royal Rangers Boys Program

 Ecclesiastes 10:10  “If the ax is dull and he does not sharpen its edge, then he must exert more strength; but wisdom to sharpen the ax helps him succeed with less effort.”  (Amplified Bible) 

Discovery Rangers are working on their “Tool Craft” merit badge, so I am thinking of knives and axes. Have you ever tried to cut with a dull ax?   It will tire you out real fast, but if you sharpen it, it will cut with ease. The same with the Bible,  we need to keep our minds sharp. To do that we have to read it daily.

Thank you to all who helped with our fundraiser, either by working or supporting our efforts by bring items in to recycle or getting your car washed.  Your support is much appreciated.

 Congratulations to the winners of our LEGO Derby.  Sr. High: Arthur Silva, Grace Simpson and Ethan Rennie.  Jr. High:  Anna Schaal, Marquis Brewer and Carrie Gomber.  Grades 3—5th: Keith Wilbur, Madison Frank and Jace Trepanier.  Grades PK—2nd:  Willow LaRock, Anora Jagodzinski and Teri Ann Schaal.

Although we will be done with classes for the summer, we aren’t done with Ranger’s.  It’s time to sign up for All Boys Camp June 22nd – 25th,.   To sign up, go to  Then click on the green box Register on Campwise.  This year the camp theme is “Legend of Three Toes”. The boys will have fun as we have contests to rid Camp Wilderness of the bear, “Three Toes” and his clan.  We will have to build a monkey bridge to get away from them and we will be timed to build a fire to scare the bears.  These are  examples of some of the contests we  will be doing.  All boys from Kindergarten – 12th grade are encouraged to attend. Kindergarten – 1nd grades need a parent to accompany them to camp if they wish to attend. The deadline to register for camp is May 29th

By: Commander Dan Smith