Royal Rangers Boys Program

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.”

1st Thessalonians 5:11

The year 2020 is over!  I think we all had some unforeseen challenges in the last year of some sort. Whether it was with changes in our schooling or workplace, or perhaps illness or anxiety from the pandemic, it had been a different year. No matter how things may change in the world around us, God’s love for us remains the same. As Christians, we need to encourage one another and help each other grow in faith and love.

In Rangers, the Expedition class (9-12 gr.) is learning about electricity and wiring for their merit badge. It’s ‘shocking’! In Bible, they are learning about ‘gauging’ our anger, and how to deal with the things that upset us by staying ‘grounded’, and ‘connected’ to God’s word. (Bad electric pun intended…)  The Discovery Rangers (3-5 gr.) have recently completed their Merit Badge on Rope Craft. There’s a lot of knots one can know.

 The class has done extremely well this year with memorizing Bible verses!  We’ve been doing a new verse every week, and the kids are keeping right on it!  Expedition Rangers (6-8 gr.) and Ranger Kids (1&2 gr.) are having a good year learning more from God’s Word.

The annual Pinewood Derby race has a date to be determined, but it is being planned. This year we will be using the traditional wooden racers, but we’ve got a change in the works for 2022: LEGO Racers!! I mean, what’s not to love about LEGOs?? Next year kids will be provided a base LEGO chassis and from there they will be able to build onto their race car. The races will take place on the derby track like always. In the meantime, the Ranger program is looking for LEGOs that can be used by the kids to build their cars with. If you have LEGOs that are collecting dust, let us know!

As of the moment, FCF Family Camp is planned for the weekend of Memorial Day weekend in May, but that may change. We’re hopeful though!