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“In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps” (Proverbs 16:9). We don’t know all that lies ahead in 2021, but we can rest assured that God weaves all things together for His purposes and our good.

Does that mean we should give up making plans and “go with the flow”? Proverbs 21:5 says, “Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity, but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty” (NLT). In other words, even though God directs our paths, we are still responsible to not waste our lives by being intentional with our time.

That’s one reason people set goals each year. The changing year reminds us of how time keeps slipping by. It’s a time to look back and see how much we’ve changed—or not—and realize that we need to make the limited time we have count.

One way you can do this is by creating a Life Plan. It’s simply a way to examine your life, take account of where you    

are now, where you’d like to be, and how you can get there. You can get free info on this at michaelhyatt.com/creating-a-life-plan/

Sooner than you think, time will run out, and you’ll be standing before God to give an account for your life (Romans 14:12). Will you say you invested time growing spiritually and helping others to know Him? Will you say you were a good steward with how you used the talents and resources He’s entrusted to you? If you’re not sure, set some spiritual goals while there’s still time.

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