Faith Station & Kingdom Kids

We are so happy to be back in our Faith Station room! We are currently finishing up the series OUCH which featured lessons from the Sermon on the Mount. It has been a fantastic series with lessons on; “Be Happy When People Pick On You!”, “Cut Off Your Hand!”, “Don’t Judge Others, Or You Will Be Judged”, “Anger Is Murder!”, “Love Your Enemies!”, and “Not Everyone Who Calls Me Lord Will Go To Heaven!”. It’s been a tough teaching to look into ourselves instead of at others, but life changing as well. With Missions Sunday and Banquet approaching, we will be doing “Tell The World”; a series teaching on Evangelism and how to share our faith. We will be decorating a float for the special day before Kids Church. If your kids come early, they can help cut, glue, and decorate!

Our STIX Ministry is back practicing Sundays after Kids Church. We will be performing on Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. You won’t want to miss these specials! We need the kids there each week as the time gets closer to the performance. Thanks to all the kids working hard to be involved in this ministry.

 I know that this is way far ahead but we are already gearing up for VBS coming July 26th – 30th! This year’s theme is “Treasured”, and we are looking for some people who are interested in decorating and painting! We are also looking for large boxes to make pillars to help set the scene. Please pray for this event and pray about helping out with it as it gets closer. We always need willing hands to help and make this event the best that it can be!