Faith Station & Kingdom Kids

                  “Be Generous” is our current Bible series that we are covering in the Faith Station on Sunday mornings. We will be learning on not only giving, but accepting where and what we have right now. Being content and seeing our current blessings is sometimes difficult when we are bombarded with the latest and greatest things out there! We also have a memory verse, crazy games, and funny skits! This is a powerful series that I would encourage every child to get involved in as we continue to dig into God’s word and see how we can live generously!  For the Holidays, we will be heading into the Holly Jolly Kitchen and learn how we can believe God for the impossible!                                                                                    

This year’s Christmas musical, “A Country Christmas with a City Twistmas” will keep you laughing and learning! Created by Nick Robertson, Anna Clark, and Alison Wells, this musical will have your toes tapping! “Welcome to the Family”,  said the country cousins to  the city cousins who come to visit. They haven’t seen each other since they were knee high in diapers! The country cousins like to deck the halls in taxidermy while the city cousins like the glitz and glammer! And Uncle Chris T Massey brings his own sense of humor while pointing out that like Jesus, there’s nothing wrong with being born in a barn! This 35 minute musical will be presented on December 18th at 7:00 p.m. Mark your calendars and come join us for a fun and memorable evening!