Faith Station & Kingdom Kids


 We just finished our series on being Transformed! Now we are heading into Beefesians! What is Beefesians? Beefesians takes us into the heart of the West where we are looking for dandy nuggets to help us behave – Ephesians style. We will discover why the book of Ephesians has so much “be” in it. God teaches us to belong, believe, be patient, behave and be strong!

Easter Eggstravaganzas are all done for the year, and they were a great success! This is the 8th year for Gillett and the 7th year for Hillside North campus! We had over 85 kids at Gillett’s and 20 at Pound’s, despite the snow both times, and many kids raised their hands to accept Jesus as their Savior at these! Thank you so very much to all who helped out at these two egg hunts! Without you, this event could not happen! We appreciate all of your hard work and willingness to show God’s love to all of these children! Special thank you to Keith, Juan and the youth group for giving the Gospel Presentation at Gillett and Brian and Ruth at the Pound Campus.

Our next event coming up will be in July and it is our VBS! This year’s theme is STELLAR and the students have been learning the songs in Children’s church and enjoying them. Gillett’s VBS is July 24th – 28th from 6:00-8:30 p.m. and we are looking for volunteers. You can preregister at Sign-up sheets will be in the foyer and more information will be coming out in the next few months.                                                                          

One Sunday a month, we have a special service to show the kids what BGMC is doing around the world. What is BGMC? Ask any of the kids and they can tell you! It stands for Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge. The kids have been busy filling their barrels with change to bring back to class for offering time to help support our missionaries overseas. This year, the kids have already raised almost $1,200 to go towards our goal of $1,750! Once the goal is reached, we will be having a special celebration in Kids Church! A little change can change the world!                                 

Summer is a great time for family get togethers, vacations and just relaxing from the normal school routine! Keep Christ in your routine this summer! Start a summer devotion plan with your kids – think outside the box and teach them God’s word on their level. Got a sandbox? Grab a pitcher of water and some rocks. Teach them about the house on the sand and the house on the rocks. (Matthew 7:24-26) Find a bird’s nest? Teach them how God’s eyes are on the sparrows! (Matthew 6:25-27) Following are some outside adventures you can take:

Hide and Seek:  After playing a game of hide and seek with your kids at a park, ask them if they could ever hide from God.  Remind them that we can never hide from Him because He always sees us and watches over us. Read and consider memorizing Psalm 139:7-12 as a family.

Family Sports:  Think of a character trait ahead of time you would like your family members to practice throughout the week, such as encouragement or self-control. Discuss the character trait and how to practice it. Then before starting a family game of soccer, baseball, etc., think of ways you can show that Christ-like character during the game.

Family Hike/Bike Ride:  During a family hike or bike ride, ask your family to spend quiet time reflecting on God’s nature as they walk/bike.  Then talk about what you saw and how it reminded you of God in some way.  Spend time thanking God for His beautiful creation!

Family Picnic:  Go on a picnic and bring a family devotional to do together.  Being outside together on a blanket surrounded by God’s beautiful creation can make the occasion feel more exciting and special!

Neighbor Day:  Plan a day where you have your neighbors over, perhaps just watching the kids play in the front yard. Ahead of time, discuss with your family ways you can be a light for Jesus with your words, actions, and character.  Pray before the event and later on discuss how God was able to use you to share His love with others after.

Invite friends to church and VBS!  Look for opportunities to shine His light in your neighborhood this summer! God Bless You!